One Rose 3 cheers

Cancer Victors’ day – a salutation to the twice born ,9th Feb Chennai, 8th Feb Mumbai

One Rose three Cheers Campaign,

Donate Rs. 100/-

Send a Rose to a victor which will be presented with your name tag at the event.

Of this hundred rupees ,Rs. 40 will be towards Felicitation of victors, , Rs. 30/- for treatment of cancer affected & Rs.30 for programs for creating awareness & preventing cancer.

 Donate Rs.5,000/- Two of you get to interact & lunch with a victor

Persons who have finished follow up of 4 years after the treatment of cancer are stamped “cured “ and these we hail as “Cancer Victors “ .In India they are very small group ,only 2 out of 100 affected with cancer reach this stage. For the tough battle that they have won a celebration is indeed deserved.

 Their felicitation ushers in a Hope to the cancer affected on treatment that they too can win over the disease and motivates the cancer providers to get more cancer affected to the fold of cure.

This Rose presented by you honours the victors, gathers love for the cancer affected & encourages the cancer care providers to do more. It will also fuel awareness programs and thus cause prevention of cancers.

to donate u could use the mode given below and email/ sms/ whatsapp your address to receive the coupon 

or go to donate page for bank transfers