special concert on 34th Remembrance Day of mrs.vasantha

 34th Remembrance Day of Mrs. Vasantha, 27th Mar 24

It is said that the deeper the grief, closer one becomes with God. Yes! the loss of my mother, Mrs. Vasantha , has left a behind a deep trench in my heart and refuses to shallow up over all these years. Whether I am close to God or otherwise, we invoke him every Remembrance Day and convey that we are awakened enough to fight the cause of cancer and let no more Vasantha’s be sacrificed. Known & well-known musicians have performed devotional music concerts on this occasion & this time around it is me. A set of 11 Carnatic songs has been presented here on similar lines. Do find time to listen…..


  1. Sarvam brahma mayam – Kanada
  2. Arul purivai – Hamsadhwani
  3. Om Sharavanabhava – Shanmukhapriya
  4. Kaa vaa vaa – Varali
  5. Shivagama Sundari – Mukhari
  6. Mahalakshmi – Shankarabharanam
  7. Kundram kudi – Todi
  8. Kaanbathu epothu = Pilhari
  9. Angai kodu malar – Ragamalika
  10. Chittam eppadiyo – Nadanamakriya
  11. Ethanai vidangal followed by Apakaram nin – Ragamalika





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