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Music With Mission, a mission to make cancer never
Audio DVD Rs 150/-
na thvaham kAmayE rAjyam na svargam nApunarbhavam / kAmayE
dhuhkhathapthAnAm prANinAmArthinAshanam //
/ I do not long for kingdom, nor paradise nor salvation. All that I long is to ease the miseries of my men, says this sloka. The Vasantha memorial trust desires the same and the misery that it aims to ease the world from is cancer, a disease that afflicts 3% of Indian Population. It embarked on a journey to make cancer never in the year 1993 and in the 16 years it has brought hope, health and happiness to hundreds, thousands and lakhs of people.

Cancer is a disease of the community and the community has to put an act together to get rid of this from its fold. To gather the like minded in the crusade against cancer and to associate good things in life with cancer it has employed music as its tool time and again. Since the year 1998 veterans in the field have lent their voices and raised the hopes of cancer affected. To keep this effect sustained and reach deeper and wider into the society this album Music with mission was conceived. Top ranking contemporary Carnatic musicians have rendered some excellent classical pieces and also incorporated a message. While Nithyashree Mahadevan urges people to join in the fight against cancer, Unnikrishnan seeks Murugan's blessing for the fight and Bombay Jayashri appeals for a season of everlasting spring in the lives of the cancer affected.
By patronizing this album you have brought a smile to someone's face, hope to an eager heart and breathed life to a grateful soul. There is life after cancer and you too have joined to say so. Thank you.
Music with Mission
This is available as a single audio DVD and is priced at a nominal price of Rs. 150/-
Vasantha Ninaivu
Vasantha Niniaivu by Nithyashree Mahadevan is an audio recording of the excerpts of The Heart for Cancer Carnatic Nite - 3 held in year 2000 at Coimbatore. It contains compositions in simple language woven in appealing ragas which urge the common man to champion the cause of cancer.
Vasantha Guhane
Vasantha Guhane is by P. Unnikrishnan In this album , Murugan , the god who symbolizes beauty & revered as an unparalleled savior , has been invoked through a garland of songs & appealed to save lives.
Endrum Vasantham
Endrum Vasantham - Spring forever-the promise to cancer victim - by Bombay Jayashri Ramnath is an album of popular melodies & melodies unsung before which sketches the life history of a cancer victim, the emotions he goes through & his joy of victory over the disease. Through this album of everlasting melodies the trust aims to make it clear that there is life after cancer.
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