The trust commenced its journey with the basic minimum corpus of Rs. 2500/-. Friends & family made small donations in the initial years and kept the trust running. As we grew in the activities sphere the need for funds increased and we resorted to a number of measures and to crowd funding. Specific Fund raising activities like – Carnatic concerts, Jumble sale, selling of clothing items and at times big donation like that from Mr. Jayaraman, a founder trustee , who left a lakh rupees in his will & gave us a push.

It was in the year 2001, Mr. G. K. Ramamurthy , who was the chief guest at one of our fund raisingconcerts in Mumbai, who gave us a big donation to Rs. 15 lakhs and pledged to support us in the long term, and our lives changed. True to his word his support continues till date. Subsequent to that many individuals, corporates and organizations gave generous donations and gave life to our activities. A few people also left sizeable amounts in their will for us, some of them were totally unknown people to us. What touches us most some individuals make donations, small & big, regularly – monthly / yearly – for last several years. The best part is whenever a need arises, a donor surfaces somehow and provides us the assistance needed! It is only such acts that kept us going for last 29 years & help will give us added momentum!!!!!

Heart for Cancer Carnatic Nite

This event was conceived with an aim to associate good things in life with cancer, gather people who want to lend a hand in the fight for cancer and also raise funds for the treatment of the cancer affected. The first such concert was given by Smt. Sudha Ragunathan in Coimbatore on 1st Feb 1998. Subsequently it became an annual feature & from 2001 it was also held in Mumbai. Over the years 24 such concerts have been held.

Top Carnatic musicians, P. Unnikrishnan, Bombay Jayashri, Lalgudi trio , S.Sowmya ,Abhishek raghuram and many more, gave concerts virtually free . They were duly honouredby us for this. While Unnikrishnan’s concerts drew the maximum number of audience, Smt. Nithyashree Mahadevan rendered the maximum number of concerts for us – 2 each in mUmbai & Chennai & one in Coimbatore.

These events raised the necessary funds but were not restricted to that. Several members from the audience not only became regular donors but also enrolled themselves as volunteers and worked with full zest. These events also introduced us to prominent citizens in each of the city, who then became our advisors & patrons

Music with Mission

The beautiful concert rendered by Smt. Nithyashree Mahadevan in Nov 2000 at Coimbatore included two compositions that would melt away people’s hearts & actually beckon people to the cause of cancer. We wanted to reach these songs to the masses and chose to release the recording of this concert as CDs & Cassettes. Vasantha Ninaivu was the name given and was released on 27th march 2001 at Mumbai on the Remembrance day of Mrs. Vasantha. It was well received and that emboldened us to produce 2 more albums, Vasantha Guhane – Songs on Murugan – By P.Unnikrishnan & Endrum Vasantham – Songs depicting the tale of cancer affected from trouble to triumph – by Bombay Jayashri. Subsequently all the 3 albums were combined as a DVD and called Music with Mission. We took the albums for release & sale to different cities all over & India from 2001 to 2004.

Ritu vasanth

To draw people to the auditorium from a wider section of the society we had to move to a more popular kind of music and we began organizing Film music orchestra . It was named Ritu Vasanth and began with a concert by P.Unnikrishnan & his group on Jan 2004. The next one was Hindi film orchestra , Ajit Parab & group gave their recital the next January gathering a full house ! In the subsequent years more such programs were held drawing audiences, funds and gathering hands for the struggle against cancer.

Dance & Drama

The success of Ritu Vasanth broadened the scope and we began hosting fund raising events with Dance & drama. Drama came in first. In Feb 2003, Crazy Mohan & his troupe gave a performance for us at Coimbatore on the eve of the cancer victors’ day. In Mumbai Santhosh Rajan & her troupe presented dramas to mark our 15th & 16th anniversaries. The responses were poor at all times.

Nrithya vasanth, came into being when a Mridula Rai & Mrs. Chitra Krishnaswamy decided to raise funds for the Vasantha Memorial cancer centre , Chennai through a dance program by their dance group. They raised Rs. 5 lakhs from each of their programs held in Dec 2007 and Nov 2009.

Mumbai Marathon

Mumbai Marathon conducted United way of Mumbai by itself is a great inspiration. Thousands run the marathon & with them an equal number take up the Dream run bring attention to a socially relevant issue to raise funds for a cause. We participated in this event in 2010 for the 1st L& T had taken up our cause in the corporate challenge category and donated 10 lakh rupees to us. This was big start for us and there was no looking back .L & T continued the support for 3 years, ICICI employees and Stock holding Corporation also pitched in their support .Our volunteers also jumped in as fund raisers and as participants.

In the year 2013 , with Godrey & Boyce taking up our cause in the corporate challenge the response took up a brighter hue. Mr. Nariman Bacha & his team of 70 – 75 employees walked for our cause .In addition he organized interaction with us , organized awareness programs & even screening camps to get them motivated. He also visited our centre and saw in person what we do. This really helped and over the years the company has raised over a Crore & 60 lakh rupees over 5 years ! This year they raised a sum of Rs.37 lakhs plus and an additional donation of Rs.5 lakhs from Pirojsha Godrej Foundation was also sent. This is the biggest support we from the trust have got form a single source. Cheers!

This year, 35 volunteers of the trust also ran the marathon carrying placards and collected a sum of Rs.1.5 lakhs

Jumble sale

The westerners call it Garage sale and we in India have named it Jumble Sale and in our hands it has grown to become a Jumbo Sale. The idea was mooted by a volunteer but we had no clue as to how to conduct the sale. We consulted a few veterans in the field but their suggestions confused us further. Finally on the Independence Day of India, the idea to price & label stuff came to us and one by one things fell in line and on 23rd September 2000 the first sale was conducted at CSI girls’s School Coimbatore. We had collected 44,000 odd rupees and this excitement kept us awake all night.

Thereafter it became an annual event in the 3rd week of September. It grew in size by the year & posed new challenges every year. The growing quantity of goods overwhelmed us in every aspect. It demanded intensive labour, large number of volunteers , managerial abilities & crowd management techniques. We have coped to these quite successfully and it grew to mammoth proportions.So much we had to abandon the conduct of this sale in 2010.

Of course it generated funds. The final sale in year 2010 raised 12 lakh rupees from selling goods loaded in 19 Lorries. Over the years this event had raised over 65 lakh rupees . It also got a good number of persons who enrolled as volunteers for the sale stick to us as our core volunteers and provide assistance to all our activities. The junk to life process got us funds & also added a family.

GKR fund

Mr.G.K. Ramamurthy from Mumbai is a bigwig from the pharmaceutical industry who sold of his ventures and invested the profits to form a Charity, GKR Foundation and supported education, health & restoration of temples. In 2001 we got introduced to him at the 1st Heart for Cancer Carnatic Nite held at Mumbai in January 2001.

In the last 20 years the assistance from this foundation has crossed 1.72 crore rupees supporting not only patient care but a variety of activities undertaken by us. 211 patients have been sponsored through this fund and many of them stand cured. He donated a Toyota Qualis for us to enable us to travel to villages for awareness programs. When our cancer centres came into being he donated towards their acquisition. He underwrote the cost of Cancer Carnatic nites ,a couple of music albums and also a 100 mammograms. The cancer victors’ days have become grand celebrations thanks to his support from the year 2006.He is a more than a donor for us, a patriarchal figure whose guidance & advice we constantly seek.

Association For India’s Development ( AID)

This United States of America based welfare organization founded by Dr. Ravi Kuchimacnhi & Aravinda in 1991 has several chapters all over USA. It is run by volunteers and they aid numerous projects in India. We received their support for the 1st time in 1999 when they gave a grant to us to conduct camps in 3 villages around Coimbatore. Our relief work for Kutch quake victims & Orissa flood affected was also aided. Subsequently they supported the Pap Smear Project in Mumbai in 2015 in a big way. From 2016, two chapters of theirs, Chicago & Boston , took care of Pudhuvasantham project for 2 years.. We have received nearly 34 lakh rupees as assistance from this organization.

Ashokan Ambal

Saradambal Auto & its Managing director, Mr. Ashokan Muthuswamy , have been a pillar of strength to us since the year 2001. In the last 20 years their support has increased in quantity and frequency. Notable amongst their regular donations is the assistance towards the conduct of cancer victors’ day. The aid from them has crossed 28 lakh rupees!

CVV Iyengar Memorial Charitable Trust

This Trust from Coimbatore which was founded in the late 1920s and presently managed by its managing trustee, Mr. C. B. Suresh associates itself with several social causes. Mr. Suresh approached us after learning about us from a mutual friend and expressed his desire to aid us. This assistance began in 2010 with support to patient’s treatment went to sponsor mammograms & lab equipment. Most importantly they consented to sponsor the salaries of the employees at our cancer centre at Chennai.  Over the years the quantum of donation from this trust has crossed 71 lakh rupees.

From the year 2018, one more person Mr.T.V.Srinivasan from Bangalore has joined Mr. Suresh in sponsoring staff salaries and helped us give uncompromised care to our patients.


This bank has been providing a solid support since 2013. Initially their grant for Rs.2lakhs was for medical equipment for the Vasantha Memorial Cancer Centrer at Chennai. Subsequently under the CSR activity aid for patient care and awareness & screening was given to the trust. We are thankful to Delnaz Madam & Ziaa Madam for their initiative for a magnificent grant of Rs.67 lakhs so far.

STCI Finance Limited.

Bulk of sponsorships was done for patient care at Tata & KEM patients, through our help desks there. Appeal from the Trust for financial support has seen a long-term association with them. Thanks to the initiative of Ms. Suparna Sharma, funds for not only patient care but also awareness and screening camps were given. Their continued support which started in 2014 has resulted in a whopping donation of Rs.68 lakhs till now.

Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co. Ltd.

Mr. Nariman Bacha, General Manager, Corporate Administration had visited our centre in Vikhroli East and was impressed with our activities. The employees of the Company ran the marathon supporting our cause. In the last 7 years, this event has generated a crore& 60 lakh rupees.   The biggest support we from the trust have got from a single source. We wholeheartedly thank Mr.Bacha for this great initiative.

Gateway Distriparks Limited (GDL)

A leading integrated logistics facilitator in India is promoted by Mr. Prem Kishan Dass Gupta and his family has a pan India presence. Under the CSR headed by Mrs. Mamta Gupta made a donation of Rs.25 lakhs for Cancer Victor Rehabilitation program. We would like to thank Mr. Kumar for his initiative.

Shapoorji Pallonji Infra Capital Co. Ltd

 The real estate giant began as an associate sponsor for the cancer victors day program for 3 consecutive years. Mr.Mukundan Srinivasan, Director of Shapoorji Pallonji Infra Capital Co. Ltd was instrumental for this generosity and also made it a point to be there for all our programs. Last year under the CSR activity funds for rehabilitation project was taken up by them. Till now their support has been for Rs.13lakhs and we hope for more in the offing.

Longulf Trading (India) Pvt. Ltd.

An exporter of agri commodities lent their support under the CSR in the year 2019 for patient care. The trust thanks Mr.Sharat Menon & Mr.Farooq Killedar for believing in our cause and continuing the support for coming years too. 22 lakhs fifty thousand has come in for patient care.

Firoze Nowroji Daroga Trust

Dr.Farah Jijina, our dear friend took initiative for fund raising with all her known contacts for the new centre. Mr.Nitash Damania, Trustee of Firoze Nowroji Daroga Trust contributed then. His visit to the centre recently and seeing the activities of the Trust dedicated a huge fund of 20 lakhs in memory of a loved one, for one of the clinics at the centre.

Other Corporate

Stock Holding Corporation and a few more corporate, banks and of late Union Bank of India have given lakh and above rupees in continuance for our various programs.

Universal Sompo General Insurance- Our volunteer S.N. Viswanathan had put in a word about the activities of the Trust. Ms.Aarti Kamat initiated talks and the Company has funded a sum of Rs.12lakhs for patient care. Marie Spinners , Manapparai contributed 5.11 lakhs for the Phase 4 of Pudhuvasantham.

Narendra Logistics Private Limited – Mr.Chetan Thakker has known  Mr.Krishnan for many years and through their CSR they accepted the proposal for patient care and have given funds to the tune of 11 lakhs.

SBI LIfe Insurance – The Company has lent support for examination couches & sewing machines for the centre. This time they also aided us for patient care.

Dr.Vikram M Mehta

One visit to his office, 16 years ago seeking financial aid and rest as they say is history. Dr. Mehta is a very modest and a person par excellence. He has through his contacts able to garner a huge sum of 30 lakhs and has always kept a low profile.

The trust has received clearance to receive funds from abroad bearing the Reg Number FCRA Reg No. 075901337. These have been primarily used for Patient care, Cervical cancer screening and the creation of breast cancer awareness

The details of the Donors who have given the contributions is given below for each financial year

2012 – 13

No donation received


2013 -14

Date Donor Name Country Amount INR equivalent
31/3/2013 Dr. Sanjay Nandurkar Australia 55,990.00
4/2/2014 Venita Alberquerque UAE 25,000


2014 -15

No donation received


2015 – 16


Date Donor Name Country Amount INR equivalent
29/4/2015 Association For India’s Development United States of America 4,49,800


2016 – 17


Date Donor Name Country Amount INR equivalent
27/10/2016 Association For India’s Development United States of America 12,42,900


2017 – 18


Date Donor Name Country Amount INR equivalent
24/1/2018 Association For India’s Development United States of America 13,41,273


2018 – 19

No donation received


2019 – 20


Date Donor Name Country Amount INR equivalent
20/6/2019 Dr. Priya Chari Australia 50,000
6/1/2019 Nirmala & Surya Gunturi United States of America 1,03,500

2020 – 21

Date Donor Name Country Amount INR equivalent
27/10/2020 Nithya Ramaswamy United States of America 75,000
3/4/21 Deenadayalan Kamalakannan Singapore 1,001
2/6/21 Deenadayalan Kamalakannan Singapore 1,001
14/7/21 Deenadayalan Kamalakannan Singapore 1,001
13/8/21 Vinita Sithapathy United States of America 14,749.45

The worthiness of the work an organization is proven when people come to support again & again. We from the trust are lucky that we have gathered a good number of them. The Muthiah family from Coimbatore makes the first cheque of the new financial year on our name, so does another auditor from Coimbatore. Mrs. Usha , an insurance employees makes sure that her contribution reaches us every month. Ms.Padmavathy & Mr.Balavinayagam. from Chennai make it a point to transfer Rs.500/- to Rs. 1000/-  every month for the last 15 months . And a number of persons donate annually for last 2 decades or more !

In Mumbai , be it the fund-raising event or our cancer victor’s day program it is the volunteers who are the first to pitch in support. Through their contacts many many more have joined hands and are regular donors now. People like Mr.Yogesh Gaat,Rajarams,Dr.Bhairavi,Mr. Venkatesh, Ms.Manju,Nagarajans and so many more the list is endless who have sent their timely contributions year after year. Ms. Usha Lala has been a huge support for many years now and like her there are so many who send their remittances to our bank accounts regularly. We are forever grateful to each and everyone who have contributed for this cause.

Continuing assistance beyond life

Mr. N. Jayaraman, one of  Founder trustees, left a lakh rupees for us causing the formation Jayaraman Leukemia fund , which went to sponsor children who were affected by leukemia. Subsequently a few others, known and unknown, have willed handsome sums for us in their wills. . These include  Mrs.  P.V.Parvathy ,Coimbatore – Rs.8 lakhs, Ms Komala Srinvasan ,Chennai–Rs.4.6 lakh , Dr.Kamala, Trichy – Rs.3 lakhs, & Mrs. Prema Ranganathan Chennai, – Rs.7.25 lakhs. The last lady was totally unknown to us. Merely from what she learnt through sources known to her willed such a large amount for us. We are floored !

In addition a number of people have donated in memory of their loved ones. Mr. Jayarajan & his wife Sandhya have a fund under us , named Aishwarya Memorial fund in memory of their daughter. Mr.V.R.R.Ramalingam from Madurai has an endowment with us in memory of his wife Madurai Revathy devi and this fund supports patient with Chronic myeloid leukemia. M. B .Mehta trust from Coonoor makes an annual donation every year. Many more persons have also made a onetime contribution in memory of their loved ones. To honour the lakh & above donors, commemorative plaques have been put up at our Cancer centres.

In the year 2005 we decided to take up rehabilitation of cancer affected in a big way. There was sizeable number of cancer victors who were finding difficult to continue their education or get married or get living support from their family in their autumn years. Coupons worth Rs.25, 50 & 100 were brought out & sold .Around a Lakh rupees was collected and this was used for rehabilitation purposes solely.

The success of this venture got us to use this modality for events conducted in later years. In October 2014, it was used for the Daan Utsav during October,the Joy of giving month and Rs. 1,73,650 was raised in Mumbai . At the Diwali function that year, this was disbursed to cancer patients , for purposes other than treatment , like food &  transport, school fees etc. It was also similarly done in 2015.

To felicitate cancer victors and to sponsor treatment of cancer patients, Rose coupons, each valued at Rs.100/- was sold prior to cancer victors day from the year 2016.  People could send a rose for every hundred rupees to a cancer victor on the day of the celebration. There has been a very good response. The collection is 4 lakh upwards every year . To send a coupon click here