Cancer Awareness

The shift of priority from conducting screening camps to creating awareness about cancer began in the year 1998. It was after a shocking incident when we found the nurse Who assisted in our camps had actually hidden her cancer for a very long time and when she was ready to disclose it was in a very advanced state. We began with the Breast cancer awareness program in the October 1998 and over the next year and half we reached knowledge about all commonly occurring cancers to the people.

In quantity, in coverage of geographic areas, in reaching depths in the community and in the spectrum of age groups this has been our largest work. At the same time it is the one which has met the largest number of challenges. Mind you it is not easy to educate a person about a disease that he /she thinks that it will never occur in them .If the less literate runaway because of the fear associated with it , the literates think they already know about the stuff. But in reality even in 2018 both the groups present quite in advanced states at most of the times to their doctors.

In our 2 decades of work in this aspect , we have seen only small change , nevertheless, that it has begun, makes us happy. In the last couple of years we find takers for this program comparatively more easily .Women have shown more eagerness compared to men and they have been more accessible. Children are very receptive and our talks in schools evoke great responses.

All our programs also give information about ways to prevent cancer and of course enlist the warning signs. A big stress is given to the former, specially to children, and we hope it will be soon that cancer will be never.