Cancer Free Tomorrow

This is one of our flagship programs and the campaign which has met great success and reached children by the millions. In the year 2008 we expanded the anti tobacco campaign to include the role of diet & life style in causing cancer and also added a list of early signals for cancer. Our target group was children from 6th – 8th standards, an age group that is still open to ideas. From our experience secondary school children already have fixed ideas, a sizeable have used tobacco and most think they know everything.

A new presentation was made which included the basic biology of cancer, the role of tobacco m diet and exercise in causing cancer and ways & means to prevent cancer in them and their folks. Each year the presentation was altered to include an event or instance or a film which had attracted children’s attention. It found immediate takers and the response swelled with the passing of each year.

In the past couple of years it has picked extremely well in Mumbai and is sort of subdued in Chennai. This year in Mumbai it was conducted in 34 schools covering 15260 children. This year 5 new schools also opened the doors for us . Sessions were conducted in Palghar schools also. In Chennai it covered about 10 schools alone this year but the response was excellent.