Regular activities

Wednesdays and Fridays ( 1.00 to 5.00 pm)

            *Awareness on Breast Cancer

           *Address by a volunteer on symptoms and prognosis

           *Teaching breast self examination with a model

           *Pap Smear Test by a gynaecologist with assistance from staff & volunteers

           *Physical examination and collection of smear

           *Histopathological analysis of the smear by a reputed laboratory

           *Feed back to the patients on the findings of the report

           *Advising patients with abnormal growth of tissues for further analysis

Sundays ( 10 am to 1 pm)

            *Oral examination for men and women by a dental surgeon

             *Detection for oral leukoplakia (white patch) on the buccal mucosa

             *Advising patients with leukoplakia for further evaluation

Cancer Awareness talk at different locations

             *Awareness talk in corporate, housing societies and  cultural places

             *Cancer Free Tomorrow(CFT) talk in Schools

 Dental Check up Camp at Construction Sites

              *At sites developed by L& T

              *At various sites of Marathon Developers