Who is Vasantha ? Why should she have a memorial? And why should anybody help that memorial? A reputed medical consultant in a private hospital in Coimbatore questioned us, when that person was approached for help. It shocked us beyond words. It was in 1997, our formative years and we were desperately trying to get people involved in the fight against cancer. As if that was not enough it was added, was she a celebrity?

Does one need to be a celebrity to have a memorial? Would grease painted faces, lettered tongues or pockets stashed with cash be sole inspirational souls? Wouldn’t hundred commons who have led extraordinary lives that failed to be biographed by press be inspirational? Wouldn’t people born simple but endured the toughest be inspirational? Wouldn’t people who suffer the greatest torments to awaken others be inspirational Wouldn’t Vasantha be inspirational? Yes she was and she is .

Vasantha, a naïve girl from a small village called Srirangam near Trichy grew by learning the virtues of the land. She schooled till household chores gained more importance. She married and went to a distant land .Had pleasure, pain and pressure of running a middle class household in the city of dreams, Mumbai. Together with her husband raised children under difficult circumstances. And when the efforts were ready to pay off, she was struck by a villain, tortured and cast to the land of no return.

In her sacrifice Mrs. Vasantha burst up a strong flame in us that we must to do something for this cause. But being an ordinary middle class person who is a nameless face in the crowd and with no wherewithal the family & I were unclear as to where to begin and what road to take. As it is said that a long journey has to begin with the first step; the first step was taken by treating patients directly under my care for Free. One small act was followed by a second one and soon friends & associates also chipped in.

These seemed to be too little and urge was too something more strong. Give the work a body, a name and do something solid. That is when we had a chance encounter with Dr. R. Sundarajan , a leading neurologist in Trichy. He suggested us to form a Trust & gave us the knowhow of forming a trust. With the help of his colleagues and friends, a trust deed was formulated.

On 4th Dec 1993 , on the 54th Birthday of Mrs. Vasantha , the Vasantha memorial trust came into being at the hands of Mr. N. Jayaraman and Shakti , a 6 year old with blood cancer. The minimum required amount of Rs.2500/- was deposited and all actions thence was of Vasantha memorial Trust.

Growth & expansion

  • 8th Sept 1996 – Coimbatore shift,
  • 4th Dec 1999, Mumbai branch opened .
  • 20th Feb 2005 – Chennai branch opens at the premises of GKR Charities.
  • 18th Feb 2007 – base shift to Ashok Nagar , Chennai .
  • 27th Aug 2008 – Opens its own Charitable cancer hospital at its first its own property – Vasantha memorial cancer centre , Ashok nagar Chennai
  • 27th Aug 2011 – Vasantha Illam ,Home for outstation patient opens
  • 4th Dec 2011 – Vasantha Memorial cancer centre opened at kannamwar nagar,Vikhroli Mumbai .
  • 26th Aug 2013 – Vasantha Veedu – staff residences opened at KK nagar, Chennai.