VMCC Chennai

Vasantha Memorial Cancer Centre , Ashok Nagar, Chennai

The Vasantha Memorial Cancer Centre was opened on 27th Aug 08 .It is a clinic cum chemotherapy centre that focuses on providing quality day care for patients. It is located centrally in Chennai at a 7 minute walk from Ashok Pillar at Ashok Nagar. Spread over two floors and a total built up area of 1800 sq. ft, the day care cancer centre provides free or highly subsidized cancer therapy for patients primarily for blood and breast cancers.The Centre is built on the model that enables people to avail Concessional , high quality chemotherapy through a day care facility.


No.33 ,35th St, Near Jawahar vidyalaya, Ashok Nagar Chennai ,  Chennai – 83.

Ph ; 24717871 , 97910 – 48379 ,72004 -14446 , 98940-89379

Working hours
Mon – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

Saturday , 9 am to 1 pm.


Out patient clinics

The centre has independent rooms for specialists to assist and consult with patients.

Chemotherapy & Day care Ward

Fully equipped 4 bedded ward with nurses trained in chemotherapy administration and supervised by doctor. Each bed has Digiinfusa to deliver drugs accurately and has a monitor attached.Defibrillator and resusitation equipments & drugs available. Drugs like high dose Methotrexate for Patients with ALL Rituximab for Lymphoma, Avastin for colon cancer,etc are given with ease. Chemotherapy for all types of cancer given but the focus is on Blood & breast cancers.. The ward is fully air conditioned.

Procedure Room

It is equipped like a minor Operation theatre. Bone marrow biopsies and Lumbar punctures are done here on a routine basis.

Diagnostic Lab

Mainly for hematology – KX 21 – 3 part differential Cell counter, Semi auto mated biochemistry analyzer, ERBA.Electrolyte analyser Bone marrows reporting with special stains, peripheral smear reporting and all basic tests.

Worshops & training

A 25 seater air-conditioned hall with built in Public address system, computer and LED Televisonr. Workshops and educational programs held regularly and volunteers trained. to create cancer awareness in the masses

Counseling Rehabilitation Centre

Overall counseling to patients with cancer and their relatives given. Treatment course, cost, diet ,personal hygiene and psycho -social aspects dealt with Sewing machines, knitting, embroidery, English tutoring available at the cell. In addition pension for elderly, educational support, employment assistance and marriage allowance provided to the needy.

Terrace Garden

In a bid to do something to bring about a green environment , a tastefully done terrace garden is a home to more than 300 potted plants. Exotic and common flowering plants and green cover the entire area .The mainteneance is carried about by hsoptial staff themselves.


  • Dr. Ramanathan Jayaraman MD – Consultant In hematology & Oncology
  • Mrs. Sundari Vishwanathan – . Hon Nursing Superintendent
  • Ms. Aarthi – Staff Nurse
  • Ms. Sasirekha – Staff Nurse
  • Ms. Vela – Staff Nurse
  • Mr. Pradeep Subramanian – Manager .


Doctors’ Consultation Fee

If desiring to pay fees , it is to be dropped in the charity box placed at the reception

Lab Charges

They are about 50% of what is charged at regular labs.

Ward Charges

The charges are by the hour and it Rs. 50/- per hour. Chemotherapy administration charge is Rs. 100/- .Once again all this is made free for poor patients.

Drugs Cost

The centre has an in house pharmacy. All drugs are given at a discount of 20% from the MRP. For poor patients it is totally free. Once the trust sponsors the patients everything is free.